for a STRATEGIC PLANNING for CURE Foundation




CURE Foundation is a feminist-activist organization which promotes gender and sex equality and works for positive social changes through educational, cultural and research programs. By organizing affirmative actions, CURE celebrates the strength and power of women, and helps empowering individuals, so that they can become initiators of social changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world. The feminist activism has created a safe area, in which the women are strong, fearless, competent, and united with all their differences. CURE is an organization of professionals and volunteers who go out on the streets as a sign of protest against violence, discrimination, violation of laws and basic human rights. Furthermore, CURE organizes art performances against violence, invites artists, scholars, lecturers, activists, and citizens to act, participate, and contribute in creating a better, sounder Bosnian-Herzegovinian society.


CURE Foundation has a Strategic Plan lasting until end of 2013. CURE Foundation is in the process of developing a new Strategic Plan for the next 4 years of operation covering the period from 2014 to 2017. The next stage in the development of this strategy paper is a Strategic Planning workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to review the vision and mission of CURE Foundation, its existing programmes, and to develop goals, objectives and strategies which will serve as the guide to project implementation over the next 4 years. Workshop participants will comprise of CURE Foundation’s management team and staff and Governing board member of CURE Foundation.


CURE Foundation is selecting an external consultant who can develop the workshop framework and materials and take the lead in facilitating the strategic planning workshop. The intention is for workshop participants to consider CURE Foundation’s existing projects and to define the future direction and priorities of the organization. In addition to the workshop, the consultant will conduct a desk review of the external context, familiarize him/herself with CURE Foundation’s existing projects and consult with staff members in order to develop the final strategic planning document.


Objectives of the Workshop:

·         To analyze the external context as well as CURE Foundation’s existing programs

·         To define the future direction, strategy and priorities of the CURE Foundation’s organization


Scope of Work:


·         Familiarization with CURE Foundation and its existing projects, including review of organizational documents and meetings with key staff and the Governing Board

·         Develop workshop methodologies and materials in conjunction with CURE Foundation’s program staff

·         Design and prepare innovative participatory methodologies, including mind maps and matrix maps activities emphasizing discussion and focusing on building upon the organization’s existing strengths

·         Workshop must be participatory and must be designed to provoke critical review and thinking amongst the participants

·         Scenario planning in the strategic planning process

·         Facilitation of the Strategic Planning workshop

·         Conducting consultations with key staff members and the Governing Board

·         Compilation of workshop report and strategic plan document




·         Workshop plan and activities

·         Workshop report

·         Strategic Planning Framework

·         Draft Strategy

·         Final Strategy

·         Action Plan Working Papers

·         Draft Strategic Plan

·         Implementation Action Plan (IAP)

·         Final Strategic Plan


Duration of the Consultancy:

The process will start in on the 27 of December, with the preparatory phase; the workshop will last for 5 days; the analysis of the findings and drafting of the final reports with the final documents will be presented to CURE Foundation’ by the end of March 2014.



Work Schedule:

·         Preparation for strategic planning (3 days)

·         Strategic planning workshop outside of Sarajevo (3 days)

·         Follow-up of the strategic planning workshop outside of Sarajevo (2 days)

·         Writing of the final document of the strategic plan (2 days)

·         Submission of Final report


Required Skills and Competencies:

·         Experience in conducting and facilitating similar strategic planning processes with  NGOs

·         Knowledge and experience of using participatory approaches and innovative facilitation techniques

·         Strong analytical skills

·         Good interpersonal skills and able to negotiate shared positions

·         Excellent communication and writing skills in English

·         Strong understanding of development and women rights issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Procedures for Submission of Expression of Interest


Interested applicants should email their CVs, rates, and capability statements by the end of office hours on the 25th of December 2013 to CURE Foundation. The emails should be sent to info@fondacijacure.org or addressed to: Fondacija CURE,ul.Čobanija12,71000 Sarajevo,Bosna i Hercegovina.


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