Eleventh festival of women’s arts and activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina PitchWise 2016

Eleventh festival of women’s arts and activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

PitchWise 2016


Join – Take part – Reach out!


From 8th to 11th of September 2016 in Sarajevo


With great pleasure we invite you to the recognizable feminist festival PitchWise (PW) festival of women’s arts and activism in BiH which gathers women artists and activists of different generations in BiH and the world.


PW program is H E R E.

PW application is H E R E.

CURE Foundation is organizing the eleventh PitchWise festival of women’s art and activism through feminist theory and practice from the 8th – 11th of September 2016 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The festival has grown out of the need to take derelict and neglected areas and transform them for a meeting which will bring together socially engaged artists, activists, theorists, feminists and all others interested in women’s issues in BiH and the region.

CURE Foundation has always worked towards connecting feminist work and culture, and this year’s PW festival brings together artists and activists from women’s groups from BiH and the neighboring countries.

Central topic of the eleventh PitchWise festival is:

Pitchwise CONNECTING – questioning individual activist experiences and contemporary social contexts in the fight against patriarchy!

Think globally – act locally!

This year PitchWise connects and questions the public space with a personal story – movement – touch and sound. With our personal engagement we take over public space, question and transform the society and take responsibility.


We are happy to have you at PitchWise festival this year, so please fill in the application form and send it to denija@fondacijacure.org latest until Thursday, , 25th of August 2016 until midnight.



The festival, by the feminist tradition, is organized on the principle of volunteerism and has limited funding. We will provide transport and accommodation for registered participants, and applications will be considered as they arrive.

Due to limited funds, priority is given to those who first submit the application form, as well as those that are able to cover at least part of the estimated costs.


CURE Foundation will reimburse travel costs according to the regulations of the new law that requires reimbursement by contract. After the submission of a return ticket, payment will be made via bank. Those participants who do not have a bank account and/or identification card may submit the required information of their parent/legal guardian. The application needs to be filled completely in order for us to make a contract. For persons who do not have a BiH passport please send a scanned copy of your passport with the filled application.

In the attachment you can find the PitchWise application form as well as the program.



Welcome to the XI PitchWise festival!

CURE Foundation team  

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