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Privacy notice

Thank you for your interest in the CURE Foundation website. Your privacy and security are extremely important to us. This website does not collect personal data when accessing the available content, unless you choose to do so. We inform you that we still collect certain technical information for the purpose of optimizing the operation of the site.

The way we use information about your visit to the website follows the following steps:

Information we collect and store automatically

When you visit the website, we do not collect or track any personal information. We may store only some or all of the following data:

  • Session ID (random generic number)
  • The content you visit on our site

We use aggregated information to make our website useful for visitors – to find out the number of visitors to our site and the type of technology used, and finally, to detect any operational problems and improve the security of the website in general.

Information you provide for use by the CURE Foundation website

You do not need to provide any personal information to visit the website.

You certainly have the option to leave personal information for the purpose of receiving information about CURE Foundation project activities such as the newsletter or to be part of an online collaborative forum.

The CURE Foundation will only use that personal information for the primary purpose, such as responding to a message or to approve the subscriptions you have selected.

Some of our newsletters use third-party e-mail distribution systems. In these cases, the e-mail privacy policy will be available at the time of your subscription to the newsletter. You will be able to find a link at the bottom of each newsletter, with instructions on how to cancel your subscription.

In certain situations, such as blog comments or group discussions, the information you provide will be visible to the public. For this reason, please do not share any personal information that you do not wish to be published. The CURE Foundation is not responsible for how your information will be used by other participants.

When you voluntarily leave your information, it is consent for the information to be used for the purpose for which you submitted it. When you click the “Submit” button on any web form found on our site, you give your voluntary consent to the use of the information for which you have previously given permission, as well as the purpose you have chosen.

Security notice

For the purposes of site security, and in order to make our service available to all users, this system uses software programs to monitor all suspicious actions on the site in the form of attempts to change content or information, which may be harmful.

Any unauthorized attempts to add or change information on the site is strictly prohibited and may be punishable under computer fraud and abuse laws.

If the monitoring reveals evidence of potential criminal activities, such evidence can be forwarded to the personnel responsible for law enforcement.


When you visit some websites, their web servers generate segments of information, better known as “Cookies”. They are mainly used to recognize your computer when you use the website in the future. uses individual cookie sessions for technical purposes, such as smooth page navigation. These cookies do not save data permanently and they are not stored on your computer. They are available only during an active session, so the moment your session ends, the cookies disappear.

Also, uses multi-session cookies to better understand user needs and optimize site performance. Site traffic statistics are collected and aggregated anonymously, so no information can be traced to a specific individual. The CURE Foundation does not collect personal information such as social security numbers, date or place of birth.

The use of cookies is not linked to personal data in any way. You can remove or block cookies by changing your browser settings.

General Disclaimer and Copyright Notice

The information presented on the website is considered public information and may be further distributed or copied, unless it is stated that it is subject to copyright protection. However, any download of written or visual content must include a reference to the source: CURE Foundation, as well as a special emphasis on individual copyrights on the website.

We recommend that CURE Project Foundation data be requested exclusively from this website and not through other sources that may alter the information or in some way exclude materials that are crucial to understanding the information. Our efforts to provide accurate and complete information are continuous, but this does not exclude the possibility that certain information will be changed during updates.


We make great efforts to provide complete and accurate information for users of our site. However, time constraints and the need to upload a large number of documents and news in a short period of time do not make our content immune to errors. We do not make any claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the content of this website, and we expressly disclaim responsibility for any errors and omissions when sharing content on the website.

Disclaimer of Approval

The information published on this website includes links to information created and maintained by other public and/or private organizations. This site contains those links solely for the information and convenience of our users. When users select an external link, they leave the site and are subject to the privacy and security policy of the owner/sponsor of the external site. Managers of this page:

  • They do not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of the information on the website;
  • They do not endorse the organizations sponsoring the linked websites, their views or the products/services they offer;
  • They cannot approve the use of copyrighted material found on linked websites. Users must request such authorization externally;
  • They are not responsible for any transmissions users receive from linked websites;
  • They do not guarantee that external websites will comply with accessibility requirements.

We recommend that you inform yourself in detail about the privacy policy of external websites, because you will be subject to their security and privacy policies immediately after leaving this website.

Social media

The CURE Foundation maintains a blog and profiles on several third-party social networks. Our goal is to promote the story of the CURE Project Foundation to foreign and domestic audiences.

Although we encourage more active audience engagement in the form of commenting on our posts and conversations, please keep in mind the public nature of our profiles, and that all information will be available to the general public. Therefore, please do not include your personal information such as a private phone number, e-mail address or any other type of personal information that is strictly confidential.

Although some personal information may be available to the CURE Project Foundation through social media (ie we see your photo and name if you comment on our posts), we do not collect, share or store such information.

Our presence on social platforms is not intended to endorse, recommend or favor any third party company or service provider.

Twitter notification

The CURE Foundation Twitter account is intended to inform the public. However, considering that Twitter is not owned or managed by the CURE Foundation, we cannot control the collection of personal information on that platform. For more information, see Twitter’s privacy policy and learn about managing personal data.

Integrated third-party content

The CURE Foundation uses third-party content and applications (widgets) that can be integrated. We will clearly mark such content. Integrated video content may set certain cookies during playback.

Website management

The CURE Foundation manages the entire content, design and organization of the website, and coordinates the publication of information on the internet platform.

Site inclusiveness

The CURE Foundation is committed to creating an inclusive platform, tailored to all individuals seeking specific information on our website. This framework requires that all individuals with disabilities (whether employees or members of the general public) have access to information, comparable to information for individuals without disabilities, unless this would cause an undue burden. If you are a user of some of the technological aids (e.g., screen reader, Braille reader, etc.) and face a problem in accessing information, please contact us and state the nature of the problem, the URL (web address) of the information you tried to access , and your contact information. We will contact you and inform you as soon as possible.

Access documents in different file formats

Some documents on our website are in PDF format, so you can view the publications in their original format regardless of the computer, operating system or browser through which you access the Internet platform. To successfully use documents in PDF format, you must have programs installed to support opening and reading this type of document.

Information verification

If you would like to verify the information published on this CURE Foundation website, please contact our staff:

CURE Foundation

Dolina 1

71 000 Sarajevo
Tel/Fax: +387 33 207-561

For more information

If you have any questions or comments regarding publicly published information, please contact the CURE Foundation project team via the above contact information (phone number, e-mail, fax).