Since the creation of EuroMed Feminist Initiative (EFI), twenty years ago, as a policy platform, EFI has advocated for the implementation of the United Nations (UN) on Palestine, for a political solution, end the occupation and establishing of an independent Palestine State within the 1967 borders, with full sovereignty and East Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of the Palestinians to return to their home land, as a necessary step and a precondition for a comprehensive and sustainable peace.

Since 1948, Israeli leaders have committed the destruction of more than 480 Palestinian villages and forced more than 700,000 Palestinian people to exile in violation of UN General Assembly Resolution 194.

Since 1967, Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem have been occupied by Israel, in violation of United Nations Security Council (UNSCR) Resolution 242.

Since 1967, illegal Israeli settlements have been and expanded in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Golan Heights, in violation of article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, and as confirmed by UNSCR 4334.

A 700 km long wall crosses the West Bank. With the ongoing occupation, apartheid is the rule, genocide is the practice, according to all human rights organizations, including Israelis.

The “International Community” – meaning western leaders, have not only been consistently silent, but also actively supplying weapons for this genocide, instead of acting for a political solution as the only way to reach sustainable peace.

The murderous siege of Gaza, and now the massive and continuous bombardment of its population, are legitimized by western powers and leaders in the name of “Israel’s right to defend itself”. They have been providing military support, and in silence witnessing these massive atrocities committed by Israel.

The same silence that followed the publication of the UN reports on the war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza during operations “Cast lead” in 2009, and “Protective edge” in 2014 – operation after which Israeli Minister Gantz boasted of having “brought Gaza back to the Stone Age”. Followed still by silence during the 2021 massacre of thousands of Gazan civilians.

A silence, equal to that which, for decades, has covered the persistent disregard and violation of international law by Israeli leaders: colonization, apartheid, aggression and humiliation against the Palestinian population, destruction of homes, mass incarceration of Palestinians, deprivation of access to water, confiscation of land, expanding and building of illegal settlements, non-compliance to agreements on Jerusalem…etc. This silence provided impunity to Israel to continue with their human rights violations against Palestinians, and where accountability and retribution to these crimes were halted.

The European Union and European governments unconditionally reaffirmed their support for any Israeli action, including now the carte blanche for a massacre in Gaza. Killing civilians, even when they

belong to the “enemy camp”, is intolerable, as is the selective compassion of western leaders and media.

But today, the voice of the Human Rights Global Community, whose part is EuroMed Feminist Initiative, is stronger than ever and is clearly sending its message and outrage to the “International Community”:


Today’s emergency is not a “corridor”, or a “humanitarian truce” nor merely a “humanitarian crisis”. The emergency is the immediate and definitive end to the bombings on the population of Gaza which have left more than 8000 dead to date, mainly old people, women and children.

The emergency is to stop the slaughter. No, a “humanitarian pause” is not enough, the genocide must stop!

EuroMed Feminist Initiative urges once more the UN to:

  • Impose an immediate ceasefire, the respect and implementation of international law by Israel.
  • Impose an immediate lift of the siege on Gaza and open all borders to ensure dignified life to Gaza people.
  • Ensure immediate protection measures and practices, as well as immediate humanitarian support for the people in Gaza.
  • Ensure the immediate stop of the Israeli army continuous raids on the West Bank and to immediately stop arming Israeli settlers and prevent their violence against Palestinians in the West Bank.
  • Initiate immediately the implementation of the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian State without further delay, in the frame of the two states solution, along with the implementation of the right of return of Palestinians.
  • Ensure that perpetrators of human rights violations are held accountable, with clear mechanisms for retribution.

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