Genocide is the denial of the existence of a whole human group. The question will come once: where were you during the destruction of Gaza to the extent it is not fit for human living?

Dropping internationally banned bombs to burn the populations and wipe out houses, hospitals, schools, to starve people and deprive them from water, electricity, life-saving medications. Mass killing of tens of thousands of people, 98% among whom civilians, majority of whom women and children. But, according to the terms of the Israeli leaders, “There are no innocent civilians in Gaza” and the bombing will last one year if needed.

EuroMed Feminist Initiative do not stop asking:
  • How much longer will leaders of the “International Community”1 continue keeping their eyes shut in front of this massacre?
  • How much longer will they continue keeping their ears shut when the Israeli Prime Minister calls to kill the Palestinians “until the last one”, when his Minister of Defence is qualifying Palestinians as “human animals”.
  • How representatives and leaders of “International Community” can justify sustainably their complicit silence on behalf of the right of Israel to defend itself, while the International Court of Justice referring to UN convention denied the State of Israel, as illegal occupying power of Palestinian territories notably Gaza, the right of legitimate defence against the Palestinian people?
  • Will the respect and the implementation of international law ever cease to be hindered by the representatives of the “Free World” behind the United States?
EuroMed Feminist Initiative fully support South Africa’s referral to the International Court of Justice of the State of Israel for its genocidal crimes against the Palestinian people of Gaza.

EuroMed Feminist Initiative believe that this action, backed by an increasing international pressure, will lead to more States standing up and fulfilling their obligations under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG)2 in order to put an end to the physical destruction of the Palestinian national and ethnic population.

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