Reaction Network for Peacebuilding BiH on protests in Tuzla

Network for Peacebuilding BiH hereby wishes to support the trade union organizations and citizens’ associations and citizens / citizen of Tuzla, who took to the streets to fight for their human and labor rights.

At the same time, the Network for Peacebuilding BiH condemns without reservation the use of force by the police forces of the Tuzla Canton, which, according to previous information, resulting in injuries to more than 20 persons, among whom were children.

Legitimate right of citizens of Tuzla to express dissatisfaction with the work of cantonal institutions and to seek the government’s responsibility for the situation in which they find themselves. 
Did the police cordons answer to the question of why citizens are not entitled to treatment?, why they are not bound worktime?, and why Nobody responded to suspicious privatization and destruction of domestic companies?

Government at all levels should work in the interest of all citizens and also for its (non) work to the male and female citizens who elected them. Protestants in Tuzla have us do just that reminded – that the government, with all its police cordons, is not there for themselves and their closely-party or kinship ties, but for us who live here and work! I pay taxes!

Finally, the Network for Peacebuilding expressed the hope that the protests will continue without the use of force and dignity to meet the requirements of the demonstrators.

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