EuroMed Feminist Initiative has supported for over 20 years now for the implementation of the
two States solution, Israel and Palestine, in the respect of the international law. Peace and
security for the two peoples are not compatible with Israel’s ongoing occupation of Palestine.
Peace in the region will only exist with the recognition of a sovereign Palestinian State and the
full respect of fundamental Palestinian rights.

Today, the position adopted by the international community, in other words the western powers, is to stay unconditionally and almost unanimously beside an Israeli government, whose Prime Minister stated openly, and several times, “Hamas is good for us”.

The present Israeli massive attack on Gaza population is the seventh one since 2007. During the past
13 years, the State of Israel has been responsible , according Betselem statistics website, for the deaths of 10,651 Palestinians, in addition to the deaths of more than 4,000 persons, 81 of them in West Bank, these last days. Checkpoints, barriers, colonization, apartheid, killings, injustice, and daily violations of Palestinian rights. But the western leaders have persistently failed to condemn them and to intervene to protect civilians, children, women, elderly. The International Criminal Court has not attempted to investigate these crimes. Negotiations have led to more Israeli settlements and ethnic cleansing. Palestinian diplomacy, international forums and courts led to ink on paper.

Gaza is now well known in the world as the biggest “open-air prison” for more than 2.2 million Palestinians, but what does it matter for the Israeli Minister of Defense if he can talk with impunity about “fighting human animals”, for the previous Minister of Defense who was boasting about “returning Gaza to the Stone Age” after Operation “Protective Edge” in 2014, and for the Israeli Prime Minister himself, who can declare “there are no innocent civilians in Gaza”.

We repeat it once more: what is the worth of a Palestinian life? How long these double standards when it comes to war crimes and violations of international law?

EuroMed Feminist Initiative urges the UN to impose an immediate ceasefire, and implementation
of international law by all parties, including the release of hostages and the immediate provision
of humanitarian aid in Gaza and to:

  • Proceed to immediate lifting of the siege of Gaza and open all boarders to ensure
    dignified life to Gaza people.
  • Ensure immediate protection measures and practice for the people in Gaza.
  • Initiate the implementation of the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian State in the
    frame of the two-States solution without further delay

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