Book promotion in Banja Luka: Articulation of Women’s Movement in BiH

After the promotion in Sarajevo The Women’s Movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina – In the Words of a Counterculturewas presented in Banja Luka on January 16, 2014. Besides Zlatiborka Popov-Momčinović, the author of the book, Lejla Turčilo and Milena Karapetrović also presented the book, and the whole event was moderated by Jadranka Miličević.

Lejla Turčilo, one of the reviewers of this book, emphasised that the most important part of this book is the empirical research, which –  through in-depth interviews with women activists from Bosnia and Herzegovina – tries to answer the question: does the women’s movement exist in BiH today at all? Their different answers point to the need of more intense and stronger debate on the topic of women’s role in BH society their activism and engagement, not just in the civil society, but in politics as well.

Author of the book said we can conclude that women have fought for their place and visibility in social and political life of Bosnia and Herzegovina through their engagement in the civil society.

This book is a result of research on the formation of the women’s movement in BiH, when women started to raise their united voices against discrimination and unequal opportunities. This research shows us how social ideologies influenced women to work on positive social changes and the real strength of the women’s movement in BiH, regardless of the time these women lived in or acted.

This book is a combination of theory and empirical research, and it was produced with the support of Open Society Fond of BiH.

While working on the book, Zlatiborka Popov Momčinović collaborated with more than 15 women CSOs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which called for book promotions in Sarajevo and other BH towns.

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