Reviving the Women’s Movement in BiH


CURE Foundation activities in 2012. for Reviving the Women’s Movement in BiH


1)     On-line platform for the revival of the women’s network/women’s movement in BiH

2)     Three workshops in secondary schools

3)     Two Seminars/ intensive training

4)     A Safe space

5)     Three meetings with representatives of NGO on the strategies on empowering of the women’s movement in BiH

6)     Two street actions in Sarajevo



1)      ON-LINE PLATFORM for the revival of the women’s network/women’s movement in BiH

Our On-line platform and website are still the most important activity because it is designated in a way to reach a large audience, particularly the activists and feminists girls and women. Due to very positive experience in the previous period we will continue to spread information and raise awareness among women and girls on issues concerning women’s rights ( gender equality, gender discrimination, violence against women and girls), news and articles (e.g. about laws, events), as well as to share ideas and opportunities via On-line platform website.



We are planning to organize 3 workshops in 2012. for the purpose of empowering young people, getting acquainted with human rights, women’s human rights. Workshops will be implemented in three secondary schools in Canton Sarajevo. Topics of the workshops will be offered to the school representative who will choose the most suitable topic for its students such as: introduction to activism, gender and sex, types of violence and how to identify them, youth activism, gender equality, peace activism, feminist activism, political / civic activism and Herstory/women’s history. Through this workshop young people will learn about the role of active citizens and how they can collaborate and influence the processes taking place in the local community which have an impact on our lives

3)      SEMINARS as intensive training (2 seminars)

The workshops/seminars will be organized in Sarajevo. The first workshop/seminar will occurred during the first part of the year, while the other in the second part of the year. The seminars are designed so that participants go through a thorough interactive teaching and learning of current issues. 

·         The firs seminar (basic) – The aim of this seminar is to present the basic concepts of women’s human rights, legal frameworks that guarantee women’s human rights, and through interactive teaching  to critically observe contemporary Bosnian society from the prism of gender equality, education about sex and gender, on gender equality, women’s history, the feminist activism and the women engaged art, action planning, and empowerment of women to be activists and as individuals to make positive social changes. 

  • The second seminar (advanced) are dedicated to representatives of women’s organizations from our country, where up to 25 participants will be selected based on the expressed need of organizations members of the KtK network, including participants coming from other countries, all with the aim of their strengthening and empowering so that they can act as representatives of the women’s movement in BiH.


4)      A SAFE SPACE  (6 meetings)

A safe space for the meetings of young activists, volunteers, students, secondary school students, media, foreigners and citizens will have 6 thematic meetings where they will get all relevant information of women’s human rights in BiH, feminism, women’s movement in BiH, voluntarism, feminist literature and production.  The space will also be designated for the creation and use of a library (books, DVDs, CD) on women’s human rights available for all interested persons from the Sarajevo Canton. The meeting will be organized one time in two months of the implementation of the project in CURE office.



Joint meetings with representatives of women’s NGO, as well with formal and non-formal groups are aimed at information exchange and up-date of existing information, as well as improvement of cooperation between organizations and networking. 


6)      STREET ACTIONS IN SARAJEVO  (2 actions)

We are planning at least two street actions in 2012. Street actions will be organized in cooperation with young activists and volunteers. We are planning to organize our street actions on the 8th of March and on the 25th of November 2012 in Sarajevo.



Reviving the Women’s Movement in BiH


“Reviving the Women’s Movement in BiH” has been a long-term CURE initiative that promotes the achievements of the BiH women’s groups (since 2008).
The CURE Foundation is dedicated to the creation and strengthening of the BiH society and women’s feminist movement in the long run and that is the main reason why we actualized the Reviving the Women’s Movement in BiH initiative in 2008.

The goal is to create and offer a communications platform that would provide information on groups engaged in a wide range of work in the area of women’s human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This initiative offers educational and creative resources on women’s groups that are available to the public in a simple manner and free of charge.

The CURE Foundation wants to revive the women’s movement in BiH through the articulation of the achievements of women’s groups in our country, promotion of numerous and versatile realities of women, and strengthening the information flow on the main issues relevant to women’s rights.

As a long term initiative, „ Reviving the Women’s Movement in BiH“ encompasses a number of activist processes, and CURE have thus far completed the following:

• Completed research on the equipment, capacities, services and needs of BH women’s groups.

• Created and published a Directory of women’s groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHS and English) in several cities in BiH, which has been growing in the form of online platforms and communities, which is available to the public in a simple and free of charge way.

• Planned and actualized training and workshops (training for representatives of women’s groups in Bosnia and at least 30 workshops with over 700 young people from Sarajevo high schools.

• Initiated, created, and together with ten groups adopted the Platform of Women’s Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the conference during the 2009 PitchWise festival of women arts.

Within the “The revival of the women’s movement in BiH” project, CURE Foundation organizes a number of thematic and interactive workshops for secondary school students. Workshops are held in the Sarajevo secondary schools, while the spectrum of topics ranges from the legal framework for gender equality in BiH to violence in teen relationships.

During 2008 the CURE Foundation activists have completed the research, which resulted in the Directory of women’s groups in BiH. The research study included a questionnaire of 31 questions for a few hundred addresses, and in the period from March to November 2008 CURE received filled questionnaires from 99 organizations. Completed research study of questionnaire contained questions about the equipment, services and needs of BiH women’s groups. The final number of completed questionnaires is less than expected, but the very process of sending a questionnaire and communication with organizations have not always resulted in the completed questionnaire. Therefore, the process of mapping creation of women’s groups in the country is very important for CURE and that has been done online and through other channels.

The presentation of the Directory of women’s groups in Bosnia answers to questions about the organization’s ability to employ staff on full time, working conditions, frequency of communications with the media, areas which need education, services offered, attitudes about women’s need for a network of BiH, recommendations to BiH government and other issues.

The abstract of CURE’s study on women’s groups in BiH refers to the views and needs of women’s groups regarding education, the women’s movement, feminist movement, the Women’s Network of BiH, the vision for the next five years, and what the state should and can do for improvement of women’s lives in BH:

“Through the responses, we have found that the areas in which training was most needed were the following: Women’s Human Rights (47.4%), economic empowerment of women (53.5%), education of the empowerment of young women (38.3%), psycho-social support to women (30.3%).

The question of organizations’ vision, how they will survive and if they will survive in five years is conditioned by the place where the organization is, the means of financing and other conditions in which the organization works. Mostly it is seen as a stronger, more independent financially, technically equipped organization that offers its members and users a range of activities and services aimed primarily at advancing women in local communities and beyond.

However, despite the most optimistic forecasts, a few organizations question their existence, due to both financial problems and unpredictable social conditions prevailing in their environment.