Legal empowerment of LGBTI persons in BiH

This project will help to increase public awareness, and specifically amongst members of LGBTI community of its legal options in the face of discrimination, harassment, and violence.

We will create the School of Human Rights (which will consist of two modules in 2016/2017) where LGBTI persons will be introduced to basic legal terminology, relevant authorities that address discrimination and human rights violations, as well as procedures to file legal claims and report discrimination, violence or other rights violations.

Additional activities that are planned in this project are creation and distribution of guidebook titled “Recognize, React, and Report Discrimination or Violation of Human Rights of LGBTI Persons”, and we plan to meet the representatives of relevant bodies responsible for addressing discrimination and violation of human rights.

The goal of this project is to increase public awareness and improve capacities of LGBTI community about their legal options and rights.

The project is financed by U.S Embassy DRL – LGBT small grant application.