Know Your Rights and Herstory, Empower and Activate Yourself!

Interactive Workshops – Presentations – Performances – Research – Activism

The aim of the initiative is organizing training sessions and creating a network of activists from the municipalities of Doboj, Zenica, Travnik, Ilidza and East Sarajevo. The training is designed for young women up to twenty five years of age in each of the aforementioned areas. Groups of activists for positive social changes in these communities will be created.

All workshops are designed to empower young women and girls to implement their ideas into action and to fully involve in decision-making process in their communes / municipalities.

The process of education and empowerment of young women and girls is one of the main strategies for the elimination of violence against women and / or girls, or discrimination based on gender.

In order to ensure continuity of feminism in BiH and strong female leadership, it is necessary to provide young women and girls a place for learning and creative expression. The focus of initiative is on strengthening women to demonstrate the power that will be a positive change in the society or that will influence the same.

Concept of internal work of the CURE Foundation is based on the promotion of a culture of peace and nonviolence and education initiative for very young women is conceived in a way that promotes these values.

Educational concept of “Know your rights and women’s history, strengthen and activat yourself” was designed in the manner to equip a person with knowledge and skills necessary for professional and academic growth, and career and academic planning.

The concept of training is to offer young women the skills that will enable them to become initiators of social changes in these cities, to continue to carry out engagements in local youth centers and other non-governmental organizations, companies, media and political parties. Trainings last for six days in the towns of Doboj, Zenica, Travnik, Ilidza and East Sarajevo (the first module lasts four days). The second part of the training provides new skills for the participants and will be held in Sarajevo, as a two-day follow up of previous sessions.

Our approach is strictly interactive, with lectures and workshops. Research training components are provided in an environment that offers individual support to each participant, but also an environment that allows teamwork. Participants will have opportunities to make performances that will illustrate the lives of many heroines important for the global feminist movement.

Topics include the definition of the gender and sex, the legal framework of women’s human rights, women’s history and overview of Herstory, the political and civic activism, lobbying, youth work, notions of violence and discrimination, SWOT, analysis, definitions of leadership, the Forum Theater, “waves” of feminism, how to be active in their local community, and more.

After the training, participants will receive a certificate for successfully attending the training sessions, and they will become a part of a network of activists who will work together to promote women’s human rights.

For more information about this initiative, please contact the CURE, 33 270 610 or write to:  [email protected]

Project is supported by the Swiss CFD.