How to stop gender based violence?

The project is rooted in the idea that transformational power of art encourages and empowers an individual to create positive change in their social environment. We will occupy and overtake public spaces, questioning and transforming society.

The project goal is to improve the capacity of young female activists and artists to implement actions to transform the culture of violence into a culture of peace through art, and to serve as role models for other girls.

Through this project we plan to organize several activities including:


  • Presentation of artistic works and discussion (artistic works and artists have been selected through TOR that has been published on CURE Foundation web site). The main topic of artistic work is ZERO TOLERANCE TOWARDS VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, YOUNG WOMEN AND GIRLS (2016-2017).

  • 16 days of activism online campaign (late 2016)

  • Training (late 2016)

  • 5 workshops in 5 different cities in B&H (2017)

  • Street action (2017)

  • Traveling artistic activist caravan / 5 cities of B&H (2017)