CURE Foundation is a feminist-activist organization that promotes gender and sex equality and works for positive social change through educational, cultural and research programs. By organizing affirmative collective actions, CURE celebrates the strength and power of women, and helps to empower individuals to become initiators of social change in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world. The feminist activism has created a safe space where women are strong, fearless, competent, and united with all their differences. CURE is an organization of professionals and volunteers who take to the streets to protest against violence, discrimination, violation of laws and basic human rights. Furthermore, CURE organizes art performances against violence, inviting artists, scholars, lecturers, activists, and citizens to act, participate, and contribute to the creation of a better, sounder Bosnian-Herzegovinian society.


Foundation CURE advocates for gender equality and equality of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for a society without patriarchal norms, and with zero tolerance for discrimination and violence against women. We belive that women must be equal decision makers and we recognize women as agents of positive change in society.


Foundation CURE supports and enables the creation of a safe environment for new generation of activists and feminists, and for their responsible and active participation in positive social change through:
–    capacity building
–    research, analysis and public policy advocacy
–    improving or changing the image of of women in media, and increasing the visibility of women’s activism and their contributions to positive social change
–    local and regional networking
–    engaged art and activism
–    building of an inclusive and sustainable women’s movement

We invite you to join us!