CURE Foundation from the begining has focused on working with young women, providing high quality education and cultural programs which have achieved great results.

The project “Gender Based Violence – A view from different angle: Violence in Youth Relationships” has its foundations in CURE’s continuously growing expertise in field work and in working with institutions and policy changing initiatives.

The project addresses several important issues which are relevant to women’s human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H). The project will work on the education of young women, research, public and institutional work and street actions.

The project, implemented in 2016, will include the following activities designed as small programs within the project:


Education program


FEM seminars – 2 seminars will be held in B&H, using the seminar methodology based on the positive experience the CURE team had while implementing the 2015 FEM Retreats. Seminars have been designed to create a safe space for young women and girls focusing on topics of UN Resolution 1325, GBV as well as GBV in YR. 

Workshops in highschools –  in high school successfully organized 6 workshops in 3 moduls in highschools in Canton Sarajevo. 

Creation of profile of girls and young women in Bosnia and Herzegovina that are active in BiH society – we will do research about young women and girls whose experiences can motivate and inspire other young women.

Annual Young activists Network Meeting and 16 days of activism campaign – The Annual Young Activists Network meeting is the place where young activists who have attended CURE basic trainings can share experiences and plan their own activities during 16 Days of Activism Campaign. 


Research Program


Research on the representation of stereotypes and prejudice in school textbooks of high school and primary school in Sarajevo Canton – we will engage two researchers: one of them will research the stereotypes, prejudices and statements that apply to GBV in textbooks, while the other will have a task to legally evaluate the educational system in BiH, its shortcomings, and the consequences of bad education system. She will also organize two focus groups where she to share the results and recommendations of this research, one group for pedagogues and one for international and state institutions.

Manual for work with students in high schools –  CURE Foundation will work on creating a manual for work with high school students on the issues of GBV and GBV in youth relationships.


Public and Institutional Work Program


In 2016. CURE will continue on to working with the general public and government/public institutions in order to promote the agenda set out by this project. Project activities are oriented towards opening public space to discuss and address the issue of GBV in youth relationships.