Feminist Workshops Tour

“Feminist Workshops Tour BiH 2010 – 2012“ is a creative project produced by CURE Foundation, and it offers an exhibition and workshops about feminism and activism in 16 BiH cities. Through this initiative local activists and artists are engaged in discussions, presentations, educational and empowering events.

“Feminist Workshops Tour BiH“ offfers a wide variety of events and activities such as exhibitions, distribution of promotional materials, quizzes about human rights, statistics about the level of violence against women in the world, researches and surveys, workshops and FEMplaylists. Participants of these workshops have unique chance to get familiar with the feminist activist movement in BiH, terms such as gender and sex, HERstory, feminist movies – all that in their local communities.

In addition to workshops and discussion, CURE presents a one of a kind exhibition of “Sheroes“,  displaying over 60 women who are succesfull athletes, scientists, politicians, visionaries, and more. This exhibition aims to educate on women’s achievements through Herstory and to familiarize  communities with women who changed the world and continue to inspire us, and CURE aims to empower and motivate young women especially. 

“Sheroes“ exhibition portrays about 60 very powerful people and gives insight into the present and future of women’s history, offering encouraging stories that might inspire new generations of advocates of human rights. The exibition gathers important people from BiH, from the world of literature, science, cinematography, photography, ecology, peacebuilding, music, politics and other disciplines. 
The program is designed to encourage the personal growth of participants, ensure both individual learning and teamwork, and provide a safe environment in which each participant recieves support in expressing her creativity and uniqueness.

CURE Foundation is educating young women about the terms and concepts of sex and gender and the common understandings of this concept in today’s society which is often discriminatory and stereotypical. Stories about the strength and achievements of women throughout the Herstory are meant to encourage and inspire participants of these workshops.



 Activities of FWT workshops in 2012


1.     Annual Young activist network meeting and the joint street action

A two-day Annual Young Activist Network meeting is designed as a follow-up session where at least 30 young activists from all over B&H, previous participants, will gather in Sarajevo, February 2012 to present their implemented activities and actions in the forms of text, photo, and video presentations, and plans for future actions. The network will lead to the establishment of a common understanding on the purpose and the work of the network and also will facilitate the exchange of best practices.

In addition to networking of young activists and experience exchange, during the meeting a joint activist street action for 8th of March, International Women’s Day will be designed.


2.   FWT workshops in 5 target cities in B&H

5 regional workshops in period of five months. Workshops will be held in 5 target cities in B&H: Mostar, Banja Luka, Srebrenica, Travnik, Livno. Workshops will be supported by partner organizations with whom CURE have been cooperating in previous years and Young Activist Network, chosen based on past cooperation experiences between CURE and certain organization/individuals. Local partner organizations will invite local young women and girls from target cities, and from the cities/towns/villages in their respected area.

Participants will be young women and girls that who didn’t have the opportunity to participate FWT activities in 2010/2011. Each FWT workshop will be held with 20-25 young women in each of 5 target cities and organized for 2-3 days in weekend period. FWT workshops are designed in a way that participants can add their ideas and examples and actively participate in shaping of the curricula.

Trainers will be CURE team members.


      3. Feminist Summer camp

Five day Feminist Summer camp is designed as a mixture of education workshops, practical work, art work, as well as will offer theory approach to feminism, gender and activism. In addition, this activity will be an opportunity for the participants to meet up outside of working environment and possibly unite in organizing future actions. Feminist summer camp will accommodate at least 25 young women and girls (5 from each target city that will be chosen by their colleagues during workshops to be representatives of whole group). Feminist summer camp will take place at Boračko Lake camp (near Konjic city in BiH) in August 2012. Each group representative will discus an issue which they have been recognised as a problem in their respective communities and design the concrete plan for actions. Feminist Summer Camp will be organized by CURE team and guest lecturer/activist that will help participants acquire knowledge on importance of activism by providing the participants with the tools to implement needed action in their respective areas.

During the Feminist summer camp, common monitoring framework for each activity will be developed and defined more in detail.


     4.  Organization of actions

Those 5 actions will be realized and implemented in the period from September to December 2012 by the young women and girls that participated at FWT workshops and Feminist summer camp. It is expected that young women and girls will use the tools and gained knowledge acquired during the FWT workshops and Feminist summer camp to organize feminist actions in their local communities and respective areas, as well as to promote women issues such as street actions, exhibitions, public debates, film screenings etc. However all of the participants will be included in organization of the activist event in cities that they agree on ( e.g. some of them will be able to organize the event in the city, some of them will do their part via internet/email, skype, telephone etc.). Their actions will be encouraged and supported by CURE from the beginning and during their actions. 


B&H cities visited by Feminist Workshop Tour 2011:

* Derventa* Trebinje * Livno * Bijeljina * Srebrenica * Vlasenica*

Tomislavgrad * Prijedor  * Tešanj  * Bosanski Petrovac * Gračanica *

Regional cities visited by Feminist Workshop Tour in 2011:

*Novi Sad* Zagreb * Beograd *

B&H cities visited by  Feminist Workshops Tour 2010:

*Brčko * Breza *  Sanski Most * Banja Luka * Konjic * Goražde * Mostar * Jajce * Zenica * Srebrenica * Doboj * Travnik * Hrasnica * Jablanica * Sarajevo * Tuzla * Derventa *


Workshops are carried out thanks to the support of CFD

To get more information and/or to confirm participation please contact our foundation by e-mail provided below.

E-mail: [email protected]