Fairytales are for everyone

The background and main idea of the project Fairy tales are for everyone is to create a new approach to a well-known topic – FAIRY TALES. We want to put a feminist, women’s perspective to the stories we are all familiar with and create a new way of looking at them. Through the workshops planned in Sarajevo and Budva, we will talk about topics such as human rights, gender equality, youth, feminism, new tools, activism, violence, stereotypes, well-being, youth work etc. After the booklet with fairy tales recreated by the participants is created, we will hop on a traveling caravan and in cooperation with partners from 5 different states (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro), we will promote the publication in each community. The overall objective is to enhance the cooperation between neighboring countries of Western Balkans and to create innovative ways in implementing gender equality principles. The project will offer a new approach in informal education and dissemination for the youth workers. We will use tools, methods and new forms and training schemes in order to implement new practices and help to enhance the ability of those working with young people and to create new ways of youth inclusion in the society through education, culture, and social events. The target group will be youth workers, youth, activists, volunteers from all 5 countries, with directly influencing around 30 participants who will spread their gained knowledge in their communities. The expected impact of the project is reaching the general public with a new approach to a norm which is an important part of everyday life of each individual, through which we create stereotypes and prejudice when it comes to gender equality and norms for each gender.

We will have impact on local, national and regional level. On the local level, the participants will be able to transfer gained knowledge and skills through their work and empower individuals to take active role in fighting discrimination. At national levels, the participants will be able to produce coordinated actions that will be visible in the public space of each country. At regional level, the organizations will be able to communicate with each other, provide support, external experience, expertise and partnerships. The participants will have the opportunity to establish individual and organizational relations, develop cooperation, and above all learn from each other and come up with new ways of dealing with a well-known subject.